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I provide research and writing services. But my passion is internet research and keyword provision. My client contract writers use my Internet Research Specialist skills because they know I am a knowledgeable, competent, diligent researcher, able to access all the online resources to pull together all the raw material they may need in their copy.

Writing clients employ me because my wide, varied experience brings fresh approaches and solutions that allow new and innovative solutions and elucidations. Using my services, clients are able to set and meet aggressive development schedules. My clients benefit from my ability to take a simple statement of need and present a unique approach. I deliver a compelling solution based on the client’s business values, ideals and principles.

My products have marketing keywords, conversion goals positive user experience (UX), touchpoints, and SEO suggestions.

I have an email ministry that goes out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, titled “The Daily Bread.” To receive it send me an email requesting subscription to jmikeh@jmhowington.com, or fill in and send the form below.

Research and writing services is just an abbreviation of my products. For the wide list of products and services click on [Products and Services] in the menu above.

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