About JMike Howington

I retired after 35+ years as a Computer Applications Architect. To learn more about my previous professional life, please go to www.howingtonenterprises.com . To see more about my email Daily Bread ministry, please go to Daily Bread Ministry. To view all about JMike Howington, the web writer, read below and the home page and the product and services page.

Now I am pursuing writing. I am editing my first novel’s third rough draft. Its genre is romantic action with some sci-fi. It currently has 21 chapters. I’m focusing on part time, freelance writing.

My daughter has a well-established business contracting my services as a visit from Santa Clause. My days and nights between Thanksgiving and New Years are very busy. There are usually about four visits, photo ops, and weddings scheduled daily from January through Thanksgivings.

My wife and I live in my 40ish daughter’s house in Plano, Texas.

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More details can be found on my non-technical resume (which will link to my technical resume)

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