MyBlender Pro email copy

Assignment: write promotional copy for the MyBlender Pro, include a headline of 8 words or less; up to 75 words of text; do not include the photo, or the More Info button, or the email subject line. The marketing staff will embed them. Make the reader want to click through to a sales page on the company website.

8-word Title:

Like the outdoor healthy life, but you’re busy?

75-word Email Message:

MyBlender Pro improves your outdoor adventures.

  • It’s the most powerful USB blender.
  • Its rechargeable battery handles 16 blends each charge.
  • The reversable USB-C cord won’t plug in backwards.
  • Recharge from the USB port in your car.

Amplify nature as your MyBlender Pro crushes ice, makes healthy shakes, smoothies and purees with no chunks. Outdoor luxuriousness is MyBlender Pro’s handy measurement indicators, fill lines, and stylish oversized bag holding the blender, plastic cups, and paper plates.