Info Packet – Fee Ranges

Fee Ranges for quality, results-oriented copy writing.

Version 02 2022

A copywriter is one of the most important investments a company can make when the mission is to sell products, generate qualified leads, bring in more subscribers, raise money for nonprofit organizations, and more. With this in mind, the following fee ranges reflect an investment in professional, high-quality copy, written by JMike Howington.

Web Content and Other Copy writingFee Range
Daily Bread Email Messages Rev. Dr. J. Mike Howington has an online email ministry called “Daily Bread” that goes out every Mon., Wed., and Fri., blind copied so no one gets anyone else’s address.Free to individuals who request it
Biblical interpretation, application, commentary, or explanation of requested specific passagesFree to individuals who request it
Internet Research Products, product descriptions, key words, marketing content, competitor’s advertisements and your company’s business values, ideals, principals, capturing and keeping your customer’s attention – presented to your copywriter or marketing staff ready for content inclusion. (Most of the products below contain this research without adding in this line item.)  $100.00 for 1 or 2 products or topics + $100.00 for each additional product or topic
Keyword Research Based specific topics or existing copy and including top keywords that need to be added to your web pages. Identification of SEO key words and phrases for sales conversion copy.  $100.00 per product or topic
Site Audit Report Boost search rankings and conversion by finding gaps and opportunities. – just the audit and recommendations; implementing the changes will be bid upon when the audit is delivered  $700.00 – $1,000
Home Page Content Set the stage for SEO, positive UX (user experience), and prompt conversion. Content is delivered to your web master.  $1,000 – $1,500 for domains with less than 12 pages
Category Page Content Update Rewrite the main web pages, such as Services, About, Contact, and Subscribe, for SEO and sales-conversion. (Home Page is separately priced above.)  $100.00 for 2 products + $50.00 per each additional product
Product Page Content Update Rewrite product page(s) to generate more traffic, sales conversion, and better UX (user experience) for each specific product or service.  $100.00 per product or service
Update Order Page/Shopping Cart Sequence Report, to your webmaster, methods to reduce abandon rates, confusion, or too many steps.  $200.00 – $500.00 depending on linked services
New Page: SEO and Sales Conversion Copy Professional, positive UX (user experience), compelling copy for new products and services.  $150.00 per page (minimum two pages)
Online Sales Page for Single Promotion Generate sales online with long-form sales promotion.  $1,500.00 – $3,000.00 (plus royalties if used after six months, no royalties after 12 months)
Microsite Boost sales on a super-specific website containing 2-5 pages.  $1,000 for design and content delivered to your webmaster or $2000.00 for building website
Web Article 800 – 1,000 words, content and SEO  $1,000 for content delivered to your marketing staff or $2000.00 for placing the page on your website
Article or Piece for Newsletter Engage subscribers with helpful content (600 – 800 words) delivered to your editor.  $150.00 per article
Blog Post Single, topic-specific blog post written for readers with SEO delivered to your webmaster or marketing staff.  $150.00
Continuous Blog or Post series Calendar driven, ongoing monthly or bimonthly strategic posts  $250.00 per post
Guide or Pillar Post An all-encompassing, positive UX (user experience) guide on your specific subject with SEO. (4,000 words or more)  $500.00 for first 4,000 words; $2.00 per word beyond 4,200
FAQs Answer common questions, SEO included. You or your marketing staff can select or provide questions.  $100.00 for first 15 questions, $3.00 per question after first 20 questions
E-book Useful information to customers provided electronically to your web master or publisher,  $2,000.00 for 5,000 words (about 20 pages); $100.00 each additional page
Stand Alone Email Reach out and grow sales with special promotions, invitations, and more to your established email list.  $100.00 per 1,000 emails
Brochure Succinctly and clearly explain how a product or service benefits prospects, delivered to your marketing staff for publication. (3 panels per side, 1 page to be tri-folded; other designs negotiable)  $200.00
Speech Writing Get a standing ovation at business gatherings and speaking engagements. (We will have to meet, over the phone, so I can understand your business’ style, culture, mood, tone, dialect, manner, expressions, and character).  $100.00 for 20 minutes, $3.00 per minute after 30 minutes – sermons are $100.00 for 40 minutes
Technical or Training Manuals or Guides Effect, clear instructions for and individual software package or any other product delivered for you to publishing.  $200.00 per 30 pages
Consulting Services$250.00 per day

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