Products and Services

JMike Howington offers the following products and Services.

Internet Research Specialist

Whether you are a customer seeking a copywriter, or seeking a web page designer, or seeking an internet researcher you will find that JMike Howington’s products and services most completely meet your needs. With JMike as your Internet Research Specialist, your research notes and writing will come easier and more efficiently. Final drafts are stronger and more compelling, ultimately convincing more clients customers to convert. Research notes created by JMike can eliminate writer’s block and give you the stuff to write about. Research notes created by JMike can help you understand your potential customer better, and discover how to capture and keep his attention.

JMike’s research is not limited to your product, but also your audience, and your competitors. Research notes created by JMike will address your potential client’s “WIIF” (or “What’s in it for me”)? JMike’s research notes on your potential customer will enable pinning down what they want, how they talk and feel, and what problems they need solving. Knowing these things about your prospective clients will help you attract them, connect with them, and ultimately sell to them.

JMike’s research notes will also include keyword lists for use in search engine optimization (SEO), competitors’ marketing strategies, and current trends about the product.

Freelance copywriting and content services.

JMike’s freelance copywriting and content services, based on my wide and varied experience, provide a fresh approach and solution allowing new and innovative solutions and elucidations. Using my services, you can set and meet aggressive development schedules. You will benefit from my ability to take a simple statement of need and produce a unique approach. Then deliver compelling content based on your business values, ideals, and principles.

Marketing copywriting for your products

Your need for marketing copywriting of your product is resolved because I can independently research products and competitors’ marketing sites. I can work with and in the corporate client’s marketing strategy and coordinate with your marketing personnel.

Content for your website or blog

Your need for a website, or blog, content is fulfilled because I can create articles, news updates, or product descriptions that convert a browsing user into a customer. Using my landing pages can improve conversions. I can update a WordPress site or php/HTML site, or I can build a new website. I can supply SEO updates

Articles for newsletters

My provision of articles for newsletters will eliminate your perpetual search for filling copy space. You will benefit from my 35+ years of experience in independent computer systems consulting, contracting within multiple vendors and industries. You can rely on my 15+ years of experience in sending three email devotional messages weekly (on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). You will have the advantage of my history in supervisory positions and team leadership at most of my clients. You can trust in my experience in addressing all manner of attitudes, ethics, marketing, and technical languages, databases, design, and documentation.

Technical documentation

Your technical documentation can be meaningful to all users, non-technical customers or technical staff.  You save time because I can independently analyze systems’ functionality, user requirements, and code. Your users will benefit from my ability to communicate with users on their terms and at the same time speak to technical teams in their jargon.  You can choose the allocation of your resources because I can function independently or as a member of a team.


Your need for diverse communications will be less troublesome because I have worked with people from a wide range of different social and ethnic backgrounds. Your concerns are relieved because I can work alongside people of differing passions, beliefs, temperaments, demeanor, race, sex, age, and politics. I have frequently been the liaison, and contact person, for foreign contractors.

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