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I currently enjoy four on going writing projects:

  • The Mike and PK Novel Series – one novel completed and not published. The second plotted, outlined and the third chapter (out of about 20) is in progress. The third in the series is in the Xmind planning stage, mapping out the story arcs for the plot ad subplots, and some research done. Genre: Romance with Sci-Fi

  • 52 Weeks of Daily Bread Messages – Volume 1 has been rewritten into edition 2. It is finished and shelved. Volumn 2 has been outlined and shelved. I am looking for an inexpensive publishing method (an honest one that will not cost me more money than I have available and doesn’t expect me to pay them in advance; preferably one that will make its money off of sales and not from me.) I have been writing the devotionals since 2001 and have plenty of material for 20 volumes (and growing). Genre: Religious, Christian, Bible verse commentaries.

  • Daily Bread emails and blog – Short Daily Bread email messages go out on Mondays for Monday and Tuesday devotionals. Short Daily Bread email messages go out on Wednesdays for Wednesday and Thursday devotionals. Short Daily Bread email messages go out on Fridays for Friday and Saturday devotionals. It is hoped that the readers would seek inspiration and scriptural input on Sundays from other sources such as the visitation or participation in a church worship service or a Bible study.
    More detail is applied to become a post on my blog and in my Transdenominational Study Bible. These messages become input for the 52 Week Daily Bread series. Note: I don’t think the entire Study Bible can be completed in my life time. Genre: Religious, Christian, Bible verse commentaries.

  • A Memoir – Still in the planning stage. Many scenes have been copied from the The Mike and PK Novel Series (in those scenes only the character names are fictional). The basic outline is finished, but this book is my lowest priority so there is no set writing schedule. The pieces being added involve too much emotional consideration, so the progress is slow. The writings are truthful and I worry that I will confess too much for public acceptance. Genre: Autobiography.


Mike and PK Novel Series

      1. Can the weapon actually feel or find genuine true love? – “Love the Weapon” is novel 1 of the Mike and PK Novel Series. Novel has been completed and shelved, looking for a publisher.

      Mike James is the armed forces’ new ultimate weapon. Mike created an insulation, evolved from his parents, of elusive womanizing. Mike was in control of his environment, his life and his relationships. That is until PK Hammer entered his world. Mike discovers he cannot exist in the ruthless, cold-hearted demeanor he built himself.

      2. Are the James’ destined to be a threesome? – “Highjack the Weapon” is novel 2 of the Mike and PK Novel Series.

      Captain Mike James, his wife PK, and his Air Force supervisor, Major Amy Dorra, are always together. It’s a matter of national security. But how serious is there threesome relationship impacted by the interjection of Tom because of pressure from the mafia? Who ends up with whom?

      3. If Mike cannot be controlled, must the team dissolve? – “Counter the Weapon” is novel 3 of the Mike and PK Novel Series.

      The armed forces greatest weapon, Mike James, is uncontrollable when anything threatens his wife, PK. Is there a way to control the Mike or Amy’s love life or must the weapon be disarmed? Is PK’s influence something to be concerned about? How dangerous would it become if PK chooses to leave Mike.

      Daily Bread Messages

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