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I have retired after 40+ years as a computer applications architect, during which I did a lot of writing and teaching. Since my retirement I have devoted most of my efforts to a new direction: writing, although I still calls to do some programming, build some web sites or database interaction to web sites.

I’m retired but extremely busy. Right now (June 2024), I have 8 writing projects going on, but none have yet been submitted for publication::

  1. For 35+ years I have been researching and compiling a “Transdenomination (the title I made up)” Study Bible with explanations and commentaries that span and compare all Christian denominations and sects plus my own understanding. That project has been growing daily since 1986 and I don’t think I can finish it in my lifetime.

  2. Since 2002 I have been writing and emailing, 3 times per week, a 3-5-minute original scriptural commentary/devotional. I use the research and penning of project 1, above for most of these.

  3. I’ve completed two books. The first is a non-fiction religious (Christian) devotional which is a collection of 52 weeks (one year) of 3 of my Daily Bread messages compiled from project 2, above. I have enough original material to make 15+ books and it’s growing daily.
    That book has been rewritten and shelved and I am in process of writing another nonfiction summary of 8 of the Daily Bread messages on the topic “Nurture Your Faith.” I’ve scheduled its publication for August of 2024 and am looking into publication agencies.

  4. I have a created an author’s website (here, at jmhowington.com) and write a blog two to three times each week. Those articles are refinements of the writings in 1), the study bible and 2), the email ministry, above.

  5. My second book is a completed romance (with some science fiction) novel. This is the first of a three-novel series I have planned. I completed the third rewrite/restructure/edit last December. But every now and then I re-edit it and improve the character arcs for its three main characters – that’s a consequence of my enjoying rereading it when I don’t want to work on my 7 other writing projects.

  6. Another non-fiction book is my memoirs. I’ve outlined most of the years of my life (I’m 76) and noted anecdotes. I’ve copied portions of my first novel into the rough draft plus written some of the early reflections. I struggle with omitting the more personal, embarrassing moments. This appears to be a lot bigger than I had thought at the onset.

  7. My fourth book, in progress, is the sequel to my first romance novel of the three-book series. I have completed the Xmind mapping for the plot, most of the scenes, and three of the character arcs (this novel will require complete detailed arcs for four characters: two couples). I’ve outlined this second novel’s story, but every now then I have to make adjustments or additions to it. I’ve rough drafted the first three chapters and the next to last chapter (the action-packed climax). It looks like it will take about 20 chapters

  8. My fifth book is the third in the series of the romance novels mentioned in 4) and 7) above. Little progress has been made there – that’s because it has a lower priority and I feel guilty working it before completing the above projects. I started most of the Xmind mapping but they need more attention before I can see the plot and character arcs well enough to do an outline.

  9. ____________________________________________

    My #1 issue with my authorship relates to the fact that I have a fixed income with a remaining disposable income of nearly zero dollars. I’m considering putting my writing career on a back burner to bring some part-time money into the family budget. I cannot afford to invest any funds to get published just now.

    Mike and PK Novel Series

    1. Can the weapon actually feel or find genuine true love? – “Love the Weapon” is novel 1 of the Mike and PK Novel Series. The novel has been completed and shelved.

    Mike James is the armed forces’ new ultimate weapon. Mike created an insulation, evolved from his parents’ training, of elusive womanizing. Mike was in control of his environment, his life and his relationships. That is, until PK Hammer entered his world. Mike discovers he cannot exist in the ruthless, cold-hearted demeanor he built himself.

    2. The sequel of “Lovel the Weapon” is titled “Hijack the Weapon.” The James’ battle personal assault while the team grows through love issues.

    Captain Mike James, his wife PK, and his Air Force supervisor, Major Amy Dorra, are always together. It’s a matter of national security. But their threesome relationship is impacted by the interjection of Tom who entered because of danger from assassins and kidnappers.

    3. If Mike cannot be controlled, must the team dissolve? – “Counter the Weapon” is novel 3 of the Mike and PK Novel Series.

    The armed forces greatest weapon, Mike James, is uncontrollable when anything threatens his wife, PK. Is there a way to control Mike or Amy’s love life or must the weapon be disarmed? Is PK’s influence something to be concerned about? How dangerous would it become if PK chooses to leave Mike.

    Daily Bread Messages

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