Content Writing

Assignment: Write 200 words or less as to why you’d be a good fit for the Content Writing position at Nobel Desktop.

I am the content writer that Nobel Desktop needs. In fact, I am the best applicant for the open Content Writing position.

I retired, after 35+ years, as a Computer Applications Architect in 2017. Since then, I pursue writing, particularly web content writing. Although a lot of my time has been devoted to my novel. I am editing the novel’s third rough draft. I am currently editing chapter 16, of the 21 chapters.

I provide research and writing services. My passion is internet research with SEO keywords. I am a knowledgeable, competent, diligent researcher, able to access all the online resources to pull together the raw material, including competitor’s copies, needed to produce a marketing quality copy or blog post.

My wide, varied experience brings fresh approaches and solutions that allow new and innovative clarifications and elucidations. I deliver a compelling solution based on the client’s business values, ideals and principles. All the while, I closely adhere to the client’s standards, instructions, principles, brand image and deadlines.

My freelance copy products have marketing keywords, conversion goals, positive user experience (UX), touchpoints, and SEO suggestions. I also provide website services and audits.