Rev Dr. J. Mike Howington’s Ministries

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Born an “army brat” in Georgia, USA on April 13, 1948. Started school in Germany.

Baptized on 12/24/1970 in an Air Force Chapel; registered with the Episcopal Church.

B. S. degree in 1975, M.B.A. degree in 1985.

Ordained as an Independent Minister (no church facility duties) and awarded an Honorary PhD in Biblical Studies on 12/9/2005.

Ministry Service:

Boy Scout troop leader,

chapel youth leader,

chapel alter and remote alter assistant,

co‑founder of a telephone crisis counseling function for high school students,

regional actor for Covenant Players Companies,

churches choir member,

director of, and sometimes teacher in, vacation church schools,

Sunday school teacher,

church youth minister,

served as a board member of a Montessori school,

written and produced stage plays,

wrote and published poems in church bulletins, newsletters, and other anthems,

directed and performed as a stage actor,

written and produced several stage plays (for churches, schools, and community theaters),

written and directed many dramatizations to accompany sermons,

chaplain on several civic organizations,

a United Methodist Certified Lay Speaker,

a Methodist Circuit Preacher,

a licensed Congressional Methodist Preacher,

spoke publicly from podiums, stages, and many different denominations’ guest pulpits.

Personal Ministry Missions:

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unchurched

Ministering to those disenchanted with churches

Teaching people the difference between worship at any particular church and worshiping Jesus

Helping people to know what it means to be a disciple and growing their personal relationship with Jesus

Answering questions about denominational clashes and ensuring that no one takes away the comfort others feel or need with any particular church or denomination. Teaching the boundaries and respect each believer should afford a Christian of another denomination

Providing fellowship, care, and camaraderie to those that do not trust or do not have a home church. Teaching them to build a personal relationship with Christ

Teaching individuals to seek and find Christ in themselves. Helping people to find their way back to God

Prompting discipleship through an email scriptural commentary distribution (since 2001)

Providing pastoral services and counseling to anyone, even pastors, non-members and non-believers

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