Non-Technical Resume

J. Mike Howington, CDP, PhD

Retired after 35+ years as a Computer Applications Architect

Now I’m pursing writing

email:   (214) 293-6084

I prefer written communication, please email me 

40 Years of Experience Cannot Fit On One Page

Along with 30+ years of computer systems and large database architecture, Dr. Howington has more than 5 years of experience in corporate and small business management, personnel, supervision, leadership and training. I have written all manner of technical documents, design documents, project management documentation and training material. I have mainly been employed on large mainframe applications, but I have extensive work on PCs, including building Websites, adjusting SEO, maintenance and recovery.

On the side I have provided, three days each week since 2002, an email ministry Scripture devotional/commentary . I write copy for a quarterly newsletter. I have completed my first novel, ad started on the seqel. Its genre is romantic action with some sci-fi. It currently has 22 chapters. I’m focusing on web writing.

I provide research and writing services. But my passion is internet research and keyword provision. My client contract writers use my Internet Research Specialist skills because they know I am a knowledgeable, competent, diligent researcher, able to access all the online resources to pull together all the raw material they may need in their copy.

Writing clients employ me because my wide, varied experience brings fresh approaches and solutions that allow new and innovative solutions and elucidations. Using my services, clients are able to set and meet aggressive development schedules. My clients benefit from my ability to take a simple statement of need and present a unique approach. I deliver a compelling solution based on the client’s business values, ideals and principles.

My freelance copy products have marketing keywords, conversion goals positive user experience (UX), touchpoints, and SEO suggestions.

Experience spans the following domains:


Familiar and experienced with in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), reconciliation, cash balance, cash register distribution, cash register loss & shortage research, book keeping, sales & income reporting, banking, credit, securities, personnel, payroll, wages & time keeping.  Including  federal, state, county and city ledgers and reconciliations.  Worked with several credit collection systems and uncollectable accounts systems, credit reporting systems and bankruptcy systems.  Expert Microsoft Office skills, and trained other in several accounting and financial packages that spanned general ledgers, detail ledgers, sub ledgers, account set-ups,  income, account receivables, credit  accounts, sales and cost tracking, billing, as well as  account payables, payroll, expenses, banking, reconciliation (while working at Mercantile Nation Bank, I invented the automation of card entry for reconciles), purchasing, invoicing, cost accounting, promotions, checks, and audits.


Financial and tax reports, profit and loss, securities, Financial Securities Exchange Industry Wealth Management System (WMS), mutual fund orders and other pooled investment products. 

Business Systems and Information Technology

Analysis of existing business systems and the evaluation of application requirements and user needs and the delivery of a technical design, functional requirements, specifications, code, configurations, builds, testing and documentation within several programming languages, operating platforms, and software products for both Waterfall and Agile projects (and hybrids of both) or modifications to a variety of software products.  Delivering expert data analysis, review and implementation of Data Models, Data Mappings and Data/Database Architecture, user-stories, and test plans/scenarios/cases.


Actual costing, BOM, assembly BOM, refurbishment, purchasing, scheduling and marketing


Utilities, oil & gas, well information and reporting, distribution, bill of ladens, rail road transportation


Policy and claims administration, health care provider and clinic management, medical case bills, coding, treatment codes, electronic health records (EHR and EMR), Medicare and Medicaid processing and filing, HIPPA compliance

Office Management

Office staff supervision and management, evaluation, mentoring and training.  Experience in coordinating the work of others along multiple work streams, both locally and offshore, including the presentation of complex IT concepts and project metrics to technical and non-technical audiences and to management.  Effectively communicating with the business users in their terms, training the business users, and, at the same time, communicating with the technical staff in their jargon.   Experienced in office management, employee evaluation, employee selection, mentoring and training.

Additional experience in domains:

Real estate appraisal, abstract closing, education, motel management, security and military applications.

Education Summary

Doctor of Divinity (PhD) 2005M.S. Computer Sys Applic, American Univ
(completed academic studies 1978, but relocated prior to comprehensive exams)
M.B.A. Management Amber University 1985B.S. Technology of Management, America Univ 1975

Non-Technical Synopsis

Dr. Howington has served as a member of, certified trainer for, and Central Leadership Team member for C.E.R.T. (Citizens Emergency Response Team) and Fire Corp.; and as a board member and the Parliamentarian for the governing Rowlett Citizens Corp Council (RCCC).   Mr. Howington has founded Toastmaster’s (public speaking) clubs and has served as president to two Toastmaster’s clubs.  He has worked with youth in the capacity of Boy Scout troop leader, chapel youth leader, co‑founder of a high school telephone crisis counseling function, director of vacation church schools, Sunday school teacher, church youth minister, and board member of a Montessori school.  He has written and produced stage plays, is a published poet, and directed and performed as a stage actor.  He has written and directed many dramatizations to accompany sermons.  Mr. Howington is a United Methodist Certified Lay Speaker and speaks publicly from pulpits, podiums, and stages.  Mr. Howington has taught junior‑high students the subject of computer literacy, councils Boy Scouts for the computer merit badge, has been a board member of a Methodist church, has served as Youth Pastor, and is very active in various support organizations for public schools.

Non-technical Experiences:

1997 – present: Judge High School UIL debate contests

   1998 – 2004: Assistant Scout Boy Scout Troop Leader

   1998 – 1999: Sunday School teacher for adult class

   1997 – 1998: Youth Minister for Eastridge Park Congregation Methodist Church

   1996 – 1997: Theology graduate student at Criswell Bible College

   1996 – 1997: Drama Director for New Covenant Methodist church and substitute adult teacher

   1984 – 1996: Certified Lay Speaker at Grand Saline United Methodist Church: teaching classes, doing pastoral substitutions, guest sermons.  Also served in the choir and as Church Drama Director

   1985 – 1995: Public speaker at school functions and community functions

   1984 – 1994: Author, producer, director and actor at Mineola Community Theater and local churches

                        1994: Daisy Awards – author and director

1994: Princes and The Pea – played the king

                        1993: Lil’ Abner – played Mayor Dawgmeat

                        1993: Market Place 29 AD – author and director for 7 one-act plays

                        1992: A Christmas Carol – adaptation author, director, and played Mr. Bumble

                        1992: Oliver – played Bill Sikes

                        1991: South Pacific – played the commander

                        1990: Enter Pharaoh Nussbaum – played Archie

                        1989: Little Nell: The Orphan Girl – stage manager

                        1989: Clap Trap – stagehand

                        1989: Narnia – played Mr. Beaver

                        1987: The Unknown Voyage – author and technical advisor

                        1985: He Sent Help – author, and stage manager (2 productions)

                        1984: The Good Innkeeper – author, producer and director (2 productions)

   1980 – 1981: Council of Ministries on the board of Lover’s Lane United Methodist Church

   1976 – 1977: Toast Masters International: stirring committee, started 3 clubs, president for 2 clubs (total of 3 times), many positions, many speaking engagements, many competitions, many awards

   1976 – 1977: Member of the board governing The Herndon Country Montessori School

   1975 – 1976: Regional steering committee to establish a Boy Scout troop in Reston, Virginia

   1972 – 1973: Teenage councilor, ran coffeehouse, directed youth activities, co‑founded and staffed hotline telephone crisis center

   1971 – 1973: Covenant Players, touring Michigan, Indiana, Ohio: 7 plays, rotated male parts

   1970 – 1971: Assistant Scout Master then Scout Master for Boy Scout troop

   1967 – 1969: college debate team

My technical resume is long and full of technical jargon. It can be found at