Purple Flying Turtle

Assignment: 250 words about a purple flying turtle

Once there was a baby purple turtle, named appropriately “Purple.”

Now, Purple was hungry. He looked around the nest but could not find anything to eat.

“Why do I live in a nest, high up in a tree? I’m a turtle.”

Purple decided to leave the nest and go to the ground. But, being a turtle, he moved very slow.

After a while a pair of purple birds landed right by turtle, still on the limb.

One said, “Purple, my baby, where are you going?”

“I’m hungry. I’m going to the ground to find something to eat.”

The male bird said, “My boy, you’re moving so slow. You will never get there, and cannot catch anything while moving that slowly.”

The first bird said, “Mind what your father tells you. The only way you’ll catch anything is to rapidly fly at it.”

“Father? You’re my Father?”

“Yes, and this is your mother.”

Oh joy! But what’s this about flying? I can’t fly.”

Mother said, “Yes you can, dear. Just spread you four paws wide apart and the webbing will catch the wind and you will be flying.”

“Nonsense! Turtles don’t fly.”

Father said, “Not as long as they move as slow as you are. Now, spread out your web and fly.” Then father pushed him off the branch.

Purple fell about two feet and then the wind caught his webs. He flew up and around in circles. While going around the tree, he flew into a fly and caught it and ate it.

“Look Mom, I’m flying.”

She said, “That’s my Purple Turtle.”