Can Jesus Open Your Mind?

There is confusion today, as in Jesus’ time, about the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

But in Luke 24:45-48 Jesus calls attention to what he had previously spoken regarding the fulfillment of God’s plan rooted in Scripture concerning the Messiah’s suffering, resurrection, and the preaching of repentance and forgiveness in His name with the disciples as witnesses.

Jesus details the opening of the disciples’ understanding of the Scriptures and explains that the Christ would suffer, die, and rise again according to the Scriptures.

Jesus Christ operates on the minds of men. He has access to our Spirits and can immediately influence them.

Even good Christians need to have their minds opened. They may be light to the world, but in many things they may be in the dark. Christ’s way of working faith in the soul is by opening the mind.

Luke 24:45 – He Opened Their Minds

Luke 24:45

“And He said to them” (verse 46, NASB referring to verse 45) is a summary of words spoken by Jesus on the first Easter evening to the eleven and Cleopas and his friend; the way in which Jesus opened their understanding as described by the Apostle John (John 20:22).

Among the new powers bestowed on them by this Divine gift, Luke especially dwells on the spiritual insight possessed by these men into the Scriptures of the Old Testament, which before then was only partly understood. This power was one of the great instruments of their success as preachers.

Jesus solemnly told them that they were witnesses of these things. Not only witnesses of the events surrounding the work of Jesus but also of the commission itself to spread the gospel. This was a work they were all mutually responsible for.

In the next four verses (46-49), Luke briefly summarizes the Master’s great sayings, some probably spoken in the course of the walk to Emmaus, some on that first Easter evening, some on other occasions during the forty days that elapsed between the Resurrection and the Ascension. Luke uses the words, “and He said to them” to commence this summary.

In John’s Gospel, John is an eyewitness to Jesus’ breathing of the Holy Spirit into the disciples. Luke’s report, as derived probably second or third-hand, through Joanna or others, is naturally more vague. 1 (Ellicott, Luke 24:45)

Jesus enabled the disciples fully to comprehend the meaning of the prophecies which foretold His death and resurrection. They had seen Him die; they now saw Him risen. Their prejudices were now, by His instructions, and by the facts which they could no longer call in question, removed, and they no longer doubted that he was the Messiah. The facts which had confounded them before were accounted for. From those facts, we may learn:

1. That “facts,” or the further disclosure of truth, will yet remove the “mysteries” that we now see in religion.

2. That our prejudices and our preconceived opinions are causes of our seeing so many mysteries in the Bible. If one is willing to take the plain declarations of the Bible, he might not be perplexed with the mysteries.

3. That only God can open the mind so as fully to comprehend the Scriptures. He, only, can overcome our prejudices, open our hearts, and move us to receive the ingrafted word with meekness, and with the simplicity of a child. (Acts 16:14; James 1:21; Mark 10:15)

4. The design of God’s opening the understanding is that we may be acquainted with the Scriptures. It is not that we may be made wise above what is written, but that we may submit ourselves wholly to the Word of God.

“He opened their minds” is a statement of unspeakable value; expressing Christ’s immediate access to the human spirit and absolute power over it, to the adjustment of its vision, and permanent rectification for spiritual discernment. It is impossible to conceive stronger evidence of His proper divinity. 2

And the statement makes it certain that the manner of interpreting the Old Testament which the Apostles afterward employed, as shown in the Acts and Epistles, has the direct sanction of Christ Himself.

Jesus knew the Scriptures would not sufficiently give them a knowledge of Him, and the things of God, without the influence and illumination of His Spirit.

Those who are taught to understand the Scriptures by the Holy Spirit are truly taught by God. 3

Jesus opened the disciples’ minds which is different from the open mind today’s world demands. We live in a world that accuses us Christians of being “closed-minded” and demands that we be “open-minded” / tolerant – open to all opinions – accept all things – they accuse: “Who are you to tell me I’m wrong!”

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Consider the Daily Bread email message sent on 3/25/2024 which says,

DB Luke 24:45

Luke 24:45 – Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures, (NASB)

When Jesus opened the minds of these disciples that He talked within Emmaus, they received the Holy Spirit as Thomas did in John 20:22.

It is the Holy Spirit that guides us, teaches us, helps us understand the Scriptures and reminds us of what Jesus had said (John 14:26; 16:13). Thus, Jesus opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures that the Holy Spirit had inspired (1 Timothy 3:16).

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